14 June 2016

CLOSED - Born in the 80s

It's not a secret that I am a huge CLOSED fan - I wish my complete closet was filled with it. I especially love their small capsules when they rediscover designs from their archive. 

I am madly in love with this campaign. The design, the visuals, the personality in each detail of this campaign.

Watching the soccer game - crossing my fingers that Iceland will go far in this years championships. Such a great accomplishment that such a small nation has gone so far already. 
Hope they win - They sure deserve every minute of glory !

Working as a wovens Designer at the moment for the Danish brand Soaked in Luxury. It's a short maternity leave cover but I am really enjoying myself. 

09 May 2016

10 happy thougths on a Monday.

#1. Prolog - new coffee place in Kødbyen Copenhagen. Best Coffee in town - over and out. Best service and high end third wave coffee love nerd factor as well - what is there not to LOVE !?

#2. Kostrok - Right Now, the remix by Yuksek. I listen way too little to Ed Bangers. This blew me away and I heard it on repeat like 4 times. 

#3. I stumbled across the song from above because I found this trailer - a french movie Le Combattans. Watching random trailers must be my most useless hobby. But when I find movies I love it just makes so much sense in a way.

#4. The fact that I have been working on the Duo Lingo App - almost every day for a month. My french is improving ! C'est bon !

#5. The bikeride from work at nightime. Through this kick ass pretty Copenheaven City. Architecture love bigtime.

 #6. Eating egg in the morning. Like can it get any prettier !? LOVE the colour combination.

#7. All of our things are packed up and moved into a warehouse - the move went smooth. The final big move in a few months. Into our own crib has slowly begun. The next few months we are living as nomads - hanging out with sweet people. It's a long process but until now it feels good. 

#8. The weather at the moment is the bomb. Sunny Side up all day long. Need to hop into the sea - sometime soon for my first dip ! 

#9. My next weekend is completely off - only filled with niceness ! Barbecue, brunch and bubbles, celebrating sweet birthdays and eating cake. Giving away presents and meeting up with sweet people from Hamburg !!! 

#10. I had a meeting today where I was taken seriously and told that it looked like I has my shit together. That it's my life and I should focus on the things that made me happy and felt right for me. 
Don't feel pressured to take on things that I don't feel committed too and remember that I am a designer in everything I do. 

The seeds you plant today - defines your future crop. Make sure it's a good one. 

Have a great Monday - keep up the good work.

09 April 2016

Bulletjournal // OCD Orgasm

A favourite blog of mine is the fantastic Norwegian blogger Mariell - Hjartesmil. Link here. She is currently living in London but will be moving back to Norway shortly and she also has a love for lists. So when she wrote about "Bulletjournal" I was hooked.  Link here.

If you love  making to do lists - this is right down your alley.
I make lists almost every morning - where I can tick of all the tasks I need to manage. If I have a hard time geting started I write down trivial things like "eat breakfast" / "take a shower" / "get dressed" then I can start with the simple tasks that do not require brain surgery to manage. It gets me going and I need this both privately but also in my proffesional everyday to manage my tasks.

Some more inspiration is from Kara Layne - Link here.  
All photos are humbly borrowed from there. I though I had a decent handwriting but nope - nothing compared to this !  

My lists are not quite so photogenic as these ones - but boy did I get motivated to work on my list qualities. I just managed almost all of my tasks for today - emails, job applications and ironing ...
Now it's time for tea and homemade bread. Turning into to quite a housewife over here.
Happy Saturday everyone out there. 

03 April 2016

IVY PARK SS16 / Beyonce

Everything Beyonce does is amazing - it's murphy's law. No questions made at least not from my side. She is a power lady and this collection is amazing - just as everything else she does.
I am not being kind she is just being her usual self amazing.

I would love to buy most of it and wear it to my loved yoga classes. She embodies strong women -
and wearing this would make me feel almost as strong. Especially the white sweatshirt !

Check out more amazing footage here.

01 April 2016

Berndt Friberg // Ceramic Cravings

This headline says it all. Ceramic Cravings - I have never been the biggest fan but I do feel a certain thrill now that you see ceramics everywhere. No doubt these pieces are beautiful !
They are all from the Swedish ceramic Berndt Friberg for Gustavberg. 

The Work of Miyake Issey exhibition // The National Art Center //Tokyo

If I were in Tokyo between March 16th and June 13th - I would go here. 
No matter how long the line will be - go there and wait. 
Wait for something I am sure will swipe your feet of the ground, take your breath away and make you utterly see the beauty of fashion design.  

Issey Miyake love bigtime. 
Would sacrifice my right leg for this ! 
Read more about this here.