26 June 2012

Herriott Grace

We are at my mans parents summerhouse - we were given the keys for a week of relaxation, fresh danish strawberries, the sea close by, the best rye bread ever and our own little car so we can drive around trying to grasp what we are getting ourselves into. The nervous feeling in my tummy is gone - now there is only excitement left - we are tumbling upon every day in a very lazy doze but our bodies are in urgent need of calm days filled with nothing ...

Seeing this little movie made me happy - maybe it makes you happy as well ?

I was given a few food blog tips from a sweet friend and this was on of them. I am in love with their little family run shop - for now I will dream of a wooden spoon for our new kitchen ...

Herriott Grace from Supplemental on Vimeo.

Visit their blog and shop - where I found the beautiful and inspiring video - here